Miriam Blackman is an artist from El Salvador who lives and works in Berlin since 2010.Through numerous exhibitions in and around Berlin she participates actively in the art scene.

Born in San Salvador – El Salvador, Blackman has participated in solo and collective exhibitions in her homeland and abroad since 1988. She is a member of the artists‘ association “Kunst in Glienicke”. It organizes exhibitions for painting and other artistic events in Brandenburg and in the north of Berlin.

With the technique of Arte Povera or Matérico, Blackman  integrates a variety of forms in her works, which play a major role in the development of the meaning of her art.

Among other things, Miriam Blackman creates  her work using cuts and holes in the canvas. Structures are created by fabrics or cardboard which in combination with pigments, sand, acrylic and other materials create something new and unexpected, as it is typical in nature.

In her work, Miriam Blackman reflects her experiences and impressions of the time and places she has traveled and the influence of her culture and background.

She says: “In my work I want to exalt emotions, both mine and those of the observing public. I need strength and pure expression and that is what I look for in the materials I use: the cuts on the canvas, the folds of the fabrics, the reliefs with pastes and sands and vibrant colors, they help me to give dimensionality and shape to those emotions that become paintings that are inspired by nature.


Berlin,  2017